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About MultiMedia Designs, LLC

Founded 2003 – A California Corporation

The MultiMedia Designs, LLC team, are a diverse group of highly talented individuals all born with gifted design skills and a lot of technical magic.  The mission: make the internet technology work, in all of its forms, one client at a time.

Founded by Debbie Kurth, an Imagineer and Interactive Software Designer, Debbie saw the need for quality workmanship at a fair price. 7 years ago, Debbie,  then heard the many complaints coming from beleaguered businesses and decided to take action.   

The company was operations style was redesigned by implementing the “virtual office” and using the net as a means of communication.  This offers offering an amazing work environments to the best and brightest while keeping costs low. By blending classic and cutting edge software, website design, social media support and search marketing, we can help businesses defend themselves against competition.  On the net, even the little guy can look big.  The impossible, becomes possible.

We brought the Imagineer brain out of the park and into the real world that needs a touch of magic.

It is rather fun to do the impossible..”
~ Walt Disney

The company is comprised of the experienced, the bright and the eager. When blended, the result is extraordinary. 


Walt Disney Imagineering
Time Warner Cable
Lake Arrowhead Mutual Services
Holmberg & Wadeborn Dressage
Adult Amateur Dressage Access
Lisa Schmidt Dressage
The Paddock Riding Club
GDS Dressage
Sapphire Ridge Equestrian

Steffen Peters Dressage
Biorider Fitness
Evergreen Exhibits
Equestrian Concepts
Pacific Tack

Executive Home Loan
Surf City Dentist
Laurel Records
Glenroy’s Equestrian Gifts
Dressage Extensions

Disney Online
Disney Cruise Line
Laurel Records
Dressage Association of Southern California
San Diego Dressage – CDS

Market Impact Strategies
Dr. Timmie Pollack
Lisa K Schmidt – USDF ‘S’ Judge
Richard’s Collectables
Future Technology Associates, Inc
Virtual Horse Sport (Sponsored)