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  • MultiMedia Designs Patient and Awards

    A former Imagineer and gamer, Debbie was awarded a US Patent for Liberty Mutual Custom game engine light cursor interface and the TEA award for Interactive Designer on Star Tours. CLICK TO VIEW PATIENT
  • BioRider Fitness

    An equestrian based online fitness e-commerce site using online video tools. CLICK TO VIEW SITE
  • Dental Practice Website

    A Huntington Beach, CA Private Dental Practice. Accepts online payments and scheduling. CLICK TO VIEW SITE
  • North County Transit District Website

    Maintenance of website using WordPress. CLICK TO VIEW SITE
  • Monsters Hide & Go Seek - Toyko

    Monsters Hide & Go Seek - Toyko

    Post Show Photo based presentation using custom designed and built Show Control Engine
  • Burning Question Kiosk

    Burning Question Kiosk

    Custom Software game engine playing videos and testing fire knowledge.
  • Liberty Mutuals "Where's The Fire"

    Design and build custom Artificial Intelligence Game Engine using C++. Wireless multiple cursor interface connecting 18 different video virtual rooms. Patient awarded for light based interface. CLICK TO VIEW VIDEO
  • Star Tours - The Rebel Spy

    The Rebel Spy is a Show Control Extension that allowed the capturing of a audience member image and blending it into the experience, without the guests knowing when and how it was taken. CLICK TO VIEW VIDEO
  • Gabe Hordos Productions

    Gabe Hordos Productions

    Design and Build. WordPress Based. A startup animated production studio website.
  • Steffen Peters Online Dressage

    Design and Build. WordPress Based. Video education by Olympian Steffen Peters. CLICK TO VIEW SITE.
  • Adult Amateur Dressage Access

    Design and Build. WordPress based. Dressage based website for Adult Amateur Riders. CLICK TO VIEW SITE
  • Equestrian Sports Psychology Website

    Access to tools and appointments to improving equestrian performance. Wordpress based. CLICK TO VIEW SITE
  • Storm Struck Post Show

    Show Control interface and custom engine design. CLICK TO VIEW VIDEO
  • Horse Show Management

    Design and Build. WordPress Based website for communication of equestrian events. CLICK TO VIEW SITE
  • Math Alive - Mobile Museum Exhibit

    A mobile museum kiosk teaching match with games. Upgraded and fixed software. CLICK TO VIEW SITE.
  • Holmberg & Wadeborn Dressage

    One of the first dressage trainers to use the web. Site is WordPress with custom PHP plugins. CLICK TO VIEW SITE.
  • Disneyland California & Paris . Buzz Light Year - Photo Kiosk and Internet Game

    Custom Game engine written in C++ that controls the targets within the theme park and connects the play to an online game. Photos are transmitted form the park to home with scores. Click To Watch Video.

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